Why MyCRM?

With years of experience delivering and building custom CRM systems we bring innovation to life. More importantly we have a track record of delivering success to a range of customers worldwide.

We offer different services from hosting, support, application development and off-the-shelf solution extensions.

Each project and organisation we work with will have their own requirements, their own needs and this we understand. The approach of one size fits all is not the approach we adhere or one that we recommend.

What we do understand from the start is that a CRM solution needs to be :-

Easy to Use

By incorporating Microsoft Dynamics CRM into a complete service you get a best of breed solution with a familiar interface that provides easy integration into your existing Microsoft investment.

Easy to Setup

It's all online and with the integrated MyCRM Download Centre you can directly add additional components. With native Apps for Mobile, Tablet and Outlook you can user your CRM wherever you go.

Easy to Budget

With MyCRM its all pay as you go on a monthly basis with no fixed term contracts. That's right - we don't lock you in for 12 months at a time, we just request that if you do want to leave us then one month's notice is all we need.

Easy to Configure

We understand your CRM is yours and for your business and they you have you own process, this is why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is very easy to configure and fine tune to meet you individual needs.

Easy to Secure

We know your data must be secure and with state of the art data centres employed we leave nothing to chance, all your data is managed and backed up, but further more as part of the solution Security Roles ensure you control which users see what information.

So with MyCRM you can be assured with the right software in place you can focus on working on business not managing your I.T.

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