Extending CRM

One of the great things about a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is its extensibility and flexibility. By default CRM offers a range of standard functions, but is also full customizable with forms, fields and layout being setup to meet your individual requirements.

Having a solution that is unrestrictive helps your organisation and business achieve the goals it sets without huge investment.

Our team have been specialising in developing and customising systems for customers for the past 10 years and we know what works and what is possible with minimal fuss and effort.

MyCRM Download Centre (Our App Store)

Over the last decade our team has built a range of add on solutions that are both easy to adopt and cost effective. All of our products and subscriptions can be downloaded and installed from the MyCRM Download Centre

MyCRM Services & Bespoke Development

As an organisation we specialise in offering not only pre-packaged products and services but bespoke software development.

Although there is a lot you can do out of the box, there are times when CRM needs development to meet your organisations requirement.

You may need to connect to a 3rd party data source, you may want to connect to an online support service or create a customer self-service portal.

Your CRM may need to be extended to support application functionality currently not available. If you have such a development project talk to the team here to see what the best options might be.

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