Building Enterprise Cloud Platforms That Are Dedicated and Fully Managed for Your Business

Supplying and Managing Enterprise Platforms Built on Microsoft Technology

At MyCRM, the team don’t just offer subscription shared services, we can help you achieve great things with dedicated platforms built with your business in mind. Working with our mainstream partners including Rackspace, BT, AWS and Microsoft Azure we know our experience and capability will help when it comes to making a decision about managed services.

If you are looking for dedicated CRM, Applications or even a web platform we know we can help you. Our decades of combined and shared experience in delivering Microsoft systems has helped many different organisations of different sizes over the years. We fully understand you and your business have objectives to achieve and by working with you using a standard methodology, we know we can help your team achieve the goals and ambitions when it comes to delivering your technology needs.

Building the Enterprise

Building a dedicated secure platform outside of your on premise, or building infrastructure has never been easier than today. Today, MyCRM run and help support several enterprise platforms for a range of different business models. Providing a dedicated platform is not just about running technology. We understand that security, monitoring, support and customer engagement come first therefore, we do not outsource our helpdesk but work with you to give you a priority service. Below you can see an example of how we structure our services in the different data centres, building on managed and dedicated clusters of high performance hypervisors and giving you the best performance and resilience.

Building with Microsoft Azure

Azure Logo

There are, as you can appreciate many ways to achieve the same thing and if you’re just starting out, an Azure platform may well be more cost effective in the early days as you start to scale. Azure may well work for extended integration services or backup capability. Whatever the approach, we know we can help deliver against requirements, meeting your technology needs. As a Microsoft Cloud Partner with Microsoft Azure, we have extended experience in setup and delivery of managed Azure subscriptions.

Servers and Services by Amazon (AWS)

Amazon Web Services Logo

It really does not matter where the technology is delivered from, what does matter is working with a team of professional and technical people that can help you realise your ambition and goals with the objectives set out. We have customers who have deployed applications to AWS as well as other service providers, and are happy to work with you using any combination of Microsoft technology.

Racking a Stack of Servers

Rackspace Logo

As you can imagine, when it comes to racks of servers we prefer private cloud options on private and dedicated servers, but you can achieve the same output with shared servers on Amazon or Azure. If cost is a consideration and you need to put an environment under a fixed cost contract, then working with us to deliver your platform under Rackspace Hosting and Cloud services may be the better option. Our team can provide the best choices to delivery and are happy to discuss.

Enterprise with 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Logo

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a subscription based, shared service for organisations that want to use Microsoft as a service provider. There are many different options when it comes to building and delivering your enterprise business platform, and this is just one. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a scalable per user platform with some additional integration features and ecosystems through Microsoft Azure.

At MyCRM we have successfully delivered a number of substantial projects using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and have helped customers achieve integrations with a range of business applications through Azure. Achieving your business transformation is a key objective and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the key technology components.

Delivering Excellence and Scalability, with Great Customer Support

As a technology team that understands business technology and platforms, you can trust us to deliver your platform and meet your needs, now and in the future. With decades of combined implementation experience, our team knows exactly how to build, configure and deliver your technology needs.

Having the opportunity to work with a team that is both technical and that has great experience along with a track record of great customer service means that your approach to technology consumption in your enterprise is in safe hands with the team from MyCRM.