• Getting the Best Value by Extending CRM


Application Development & Services

Building business applications that work for your business and that meet your business requirements is our speciality. From the delivery of a customer-centric and fully managed CRM system based on Microsoft Technology, to in-depth integrations with third party solutions, our team can help plan and deliver to your expectations. Our development experience extends across the enterprise including CRM application extensions, along with custom applications for workforce management or online customer access portals.


Productivity Enhanced

Our team for the past 10 years have been helping customers get more from Microsoft Dynamics by delivering a range of plugin licenced applications from the MyCRM Download Centre

We offer a range of productivity enhancements that will help your team get more from your Microsoft investment.

Our applications are fully supported and tested and you can find out more on our Download Centre


Seamless Integration

Experience tells us that having to input the same data several times across different systems will eventually lead to probable errors in data. Having a fully integrated business system will help increase data correctness, data availability and more importantly increase productivity across your enterprise and business activities.

Most modern systems and online systems have available API’s making integration a far easier task than once thought. Platform providers have adopted a shared strategy in the past decade and the idea of black box systems is now thankfully a thing of the past.

In the past 10 years the team have integrated with CMS, Database, Billing and management systems for a range of different customers, helping each of our customers create an integrated enterprise. To find out more about how we can help with your joined up approach to business, contact us today.


Perfectly Designed Applications

You may well be thinking that a custom built application in your business could be expensive and may be more trouble than its worth. The team here have been delivering custom applications for over 10 years and have decades of combined development experience.

Our approach is about enhancing what is already there and building on well-known approach and technology. Since applications became web or browser based, the possibility for a cost effective application that meets all the requirements is now a very relevant option. The phrase “An APP for that” should never be dismissed, as the team at MyCRM have a given speciality for building extended application on Microsoft Dynamics and .net technology platforms.


Configuration Helps Bridge the Gap

As a business owner you will probably define your own approach to helping and supporting your customers use and subscribe to your own products and services.

Our team can help you take this approach and build in the four main principals of Customer Centric Relationship Management (CRM). Regardless of what technology you have decided upon, that technology has to be flexible, that technology has to be configurable and be able to support your business requirements and objectives in the longer term.

Here at MyCRM we are not fans of technology for the sake of technology, we are advocates of technology for a purpose. Helping you build your next generation business application is going to need some knowledge share, some input and our team can help with exactly that. A piece of software off the shelf, is not always going to meet all of your requirements. An offering like MyCRM Essentials will help a little more but there is still going to be some configuration to do. Working with a team like MyCRM is going to guarantee a successful outcome in an efficient manner, using a proven approach.