MyCRM – Cutting through Tech and BS


Last time, we posted a CRM Q&A video, we answered the questions very quickly, but then realized that we need to explain CRM, and our own solution in a bit more in-depth. Then to cut each of the Q&A’s into there own video shorts.

As we now broadcast LIVE 3 times per week to YouTube, LinkedIn, and all things social media, we know that LIVE videos are preferred to the usual polished and scripted stuff.  We don’t buy all the gloss and BS, so neither do we believe you will either.

We prefer to present ourselves and our knowledge unscripted, and with honesty as professional presenters, who, when it comes to CRM, really are experts in this field (we’ve been doing CRM for over 45+ years).

So, the starting point for all of these shorts, well, let’s kick things off by explaining why we, and our MyCRM solution is different from all the other organizations that offer CRM solutions.

The key thing is that we’re not selling technology or buzzwords. We offer solutions without any BS.  Most of the community out there leads with technical jargon and acronyms, which we commonly refer to as BS. We remember starting our careers in CRM, and back then it was always about selling the tech, what can the tech do…tech, tech, tech, tech.

But one thing that always bothered us was when we sat with customers, and they would ask, “Do we really need this?” The salesperson would be sat next to us, and they would always hate us for asking, “What is it that you want to achieve?” The job for the salesperson was to sell irrespective of fit or value. They didn’t always want to answer the question honestly, after all tech, tech, tech and acronyms got sales!

MyCRM’s goal is not to sell you technology that you don’t need. Instead, we want to understand your business goals and help you achieve them by providing solutions that work. We want to cut through the CRM BS and offer you a solution that is right for you, and if needed, that may be customized to meet your exacting business needs.

We are different because we’re not selling you technology and peddling all the BS that comes with it. We offer solutions that work and that are customized to your business needs. We want to help you achieve your business goals without all the unnecessary technical jargon and acronyms.

So, if you want to really understand CRM, come to us, and we’ll be pleased to speak in plain English and in your business language. We will provide you with the solution that’s best for YOUR business needs if, and only if, we can agree that it’s a perfect fit and delivers great value.

Posted April 26, 2023