• Why MyCRM?


Work with a team that understands that the implementation of technology is an enabler in your business and should be a refreshing change. Our ethos and approach is to help you get the best from the advice we give. The technology is a tool set that will enable your business to achieve greater things.

Our business subscriptions have been designed to benefit and supplement the way your business works. With no long-term contracts, and all the options to scale up and scale down licences as needs be, to help you achieve the best use of technology.

easy to use

Easy to Use

Any application or system that is adopted by your business needs to be easy to use and intuitive. Our applications are based on proven Microsoft technology, which incorporate common user interfaces and navigation. Our approach to supporting you and using best of breed technology means that your needs are met from the start, with a cost effective investment.

easy to setup

Easy to Setup

MyCRM Essentials, has been designed as a fully enhanced version of Microsoft CRM, bringing years of experience into a single platform for one subscription price. Our approach has been to build and preconfigure, so that your business gets the benefits of centralised customer management without extensive configuration or lengthy implementation projects.

easy to budget

Easy to Budget

Having a service that is easy to budget and one that you can scale up and down with your business needs should help give you a level of flexibility in your own internal financial planning. We understand that your business needs to be successful and that it needs flexibility and great support, which is why we work with you to get the best results.

easy to config

Easy to Configure

Any system adopted into your business needs to support your future requirements, and although MyCRM Essentials is fully configured to meet all the basic needs of your business from day one, we know that your systems and processes are yours to keep and define. This is why we can advise and contribute to your requests giving direction to get the best results.

We want your business to succeed with the adoption of great CRM applications and we know we can help you achieve great things.